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2013-4 presentations:

"Caste and Race in Mid-20th Century American Social Thought"

Caste, Race and Democracy Workshop, Columbia University

September 2013

"Islands and Empires: The Base at Guántanamo"

Guest lecture, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Princeton University

September 2013

"The Open Door and the Golden Gate: Civilization, Empire,

and Exemption in the History of Chinese Exclusion, 1868-1910"

Modern America Workshop, Princeton University

September 2013

Keynote Address, "Reframing Transnational History"

Harvard University, Warren Center

October 2013

"Gatekeeping as Geopolitics: Immigration Policy

and American Global Power in the Long 20th Century"

Yale University

February 2014

"Invincible Ignorance: Colonial Rule and the Politics of Knowledge

between the United States and the Philippines"

Empire and the Social Sciences Conference, Princeton University

March 2014

Comment, "Producing Economic Knowledge" panel

"American (Inter)dependencies: New Perspectives on Capitalism and Empire, 1898-1959"

New York University

April 2014

Closing Panel

"American (Inter)dependencies: New Perspectives on Capitalism and Empire, 1898-1959"

New York University

April 2014

"Racial States and the US in the World"

"Race, Law and the American State: An Interdisciplinary Symposium"

University of Michigan

April 2014

Chair, "American Labor, Race, and the Imperial Pacific, 1880-1912"

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

June 2014

Commentator, "Race and Sovereignty in the Anti-Imperial Pacific"

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

June 2014

Keynote Address, "Critical Peripheries: Race, War and US Empire in the 20th Century"

Associação Nacional de Pesquisadores e Professores de História

das Américas (ANPHLAC) Conference

Niteroi, Brazil, July 2014

Opening and Closing Comments, "Labor and Empire" Conference

Labor and Working-Class History of the Americas Conference

University of California, Santa Barbara

November 2014

Professional Development Lectures

“Publishing Academic Articles: Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?”

This 45-minute talk explores the basics of academic journal publishing in history: the reasons why one publishes journal articles; deciding what to submit; selecting a journal; preparing a manuscript for submission; navigating peer review; and making the best use of criticism.

“What is Your Problem?: Dissertations, Bonfires and Wonder-Cabinets”

This 70-minute talk to graduate students suggests ways to go about selecting a problem to work on for one's dissertation, including tools for identifying one's interests, questions to ask (and not ask) of a potential topic, negotiating professional pressures, the proper role of advisors and the function of the prospectus.

“Thinking about Thinking”

The 35-minute lecture presents some habits of mind useful for cultivating rich, complex, dynamic thinking in history, and the broader humanities and social sciences.

“Reading and Note-taking”

This 25-minute lecture covers the varieties of reasons and ways one reads in graduate school, and techniques and functions of note-taking.